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i want to regex to remove any-link that start with example.com but i want to keep the text :

<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://example.com/somepage/">some text</a>

I have tried a lot of regex with yahoo pipes and didn't work please help me guys.

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try this regex:



+? Matches the previous element one or more times, but as few times as possible.

[^character_group] Negation: Matches any single character that is not in character_group

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workd but the text has been deleted i want to keep the text but temove the link –  user3526447 Apr 12 at 11:47
The text is in capture group 1. Nothing else is captured. Use $1 or \1 to get it. For more information, see the section on "Groups" in the Stack Overflow Regular Expressions FAQ. –  aliteralmind Apr 12 at 11:53
thanksssss youuu –  user3526447 Apr 12 at 12:02

user3526447, depending on context there may be a problem with the expression in the first answer, because from the initial "a" tag, the .+ will potentially run over multiple urls until it hits "example". This may not be a problem in the context you are using, if you are only working on single urls.

Instead, replace


with $1 or \1

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