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I'm building a site which contains two question2answer platforms, and one dokuwiki. They all require MySql. My webhost has a limit of two MySql databases. Can I link the same MySql db to either 2 question2answer platforms, or to one question2answer and one dokuwiki? Or will it lead to conflict?

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DokuWiki doesn't need a database. You can use MySQL as authentication backend, see dokuwiki.org/features#easy_integration –  VMai Apr 12 '14 at 10:59

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It appears that question2answer has a table name prefix option, as discussed here. That would allow you to run multiple sites from the same database. I would imagine that dokuwiki has something similar.

This works by prefixing table names with a unique identifier (e.g. mysite1_) so that there are no name clashes between the different instances.

In your situation I would use one of the available databases for all of the q2a sites, and the other for the wiki.

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