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Consider I have a key PREMIUM_PRICE,


Now, I want PRODUCT_A's price to be same as PREMIUM_PRICE. I don't want to say,

  • HSET PRODUCT_A PRICE "1000" (because If PREMIUM_PRICE value changes I want PRODUCT_A's price to get updated automatically)


  • HSET PRODUCT_A PRICE "PREMIUM_PRICE", so that I have to get price value of PRODUCT_A which itself is a key in redis containing the actual price as its value.(because I don't want to make a second query to get the value of PREMIUM_KEY)

Can I say something like,


,where [value(PREMIUM_PRICE)] is the link to PREMIUM_PRICE key or whatever

so that when I do a HGET PRODUCT_A PRICE, redis automatically returns the latest value of PREMIUM_PRICE.

Is this possible. Somebody tell me.

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You could make a custom command (lua script) that did the indirect lookup for you, but I don't think Redis has a way of storing the reference as some kind of special value. –  IMSoP Apr 12 '14 at 10:48

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In general yes, you can. But you should use LUA scripting for that because of redis do not have that built in functionality.

So you function would look`s like

local hsetValue = redis.call("hget", ARGV[1], ARGV[2]);
if hsetValue then
   return redis.call("get", hsetValue);

return nil;

So you can use that LUA function to get HSET field value based on value of other key.

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