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I'm developing a Windows 8.1 app with C# and .NET Framework 4.5.

I have a Page with an image as background:


        <ImageBrush Stretch="UniformToFill" ImageSource="ms-appx:///Assets/Backgrounds/Clase.png"/>

But, I see that first appears the page and after that appears the image (it gets less than a second to load, but I can see perfectly a black background and then the image).

This is how I navigate to that page:

if (Frame != null)

And I set the image as Content and Copy always.

How can avoid this problem? Is there anyway to preload that image?

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I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling that the Navigate() call might actually be waiting for a bit so smaller images show immediately, but to get an immediate navigation and make apps responsive - it quickly times out and navigates even when images are not loaded.

The AlternativeFrame and AlternativePage controls in WinRT XAML Toolkit are swap-in replacements for Frame/Page ones that come with the framework. Their API surface is fairly similar, but they have some additions. Among others - the ShouldWaitForImagesToLoad property that makes them wait for all images to load on the page being navigated to. Also there is a Preload() method that allows to preload the next page or pages so that when you call Navigate() - the next page with its images has already loaded in the background and can be shown immediately.

The page transition animations are an added bonus.

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