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I am using Install Shield 2012 Spring - Premier Edition , version 19.

I have an Install Script MSI project. To localize our product , I have added some languages in the Setup Languages field under "General Information" and selected some languages in the UI languages under "Releases".

All the settings are correct and proper and i am building the release correctly.

When i tried to build the project ( Out 0f 10 times , once or twice it is successful) , most of the times i get the following errors. Its building successfully(not always) if i include only one language.

Error opening MSI database "\Product\Release\DiskImages\DISK1\1043.msi" -4092. The number of the msi varies though. Some times i get Internal build error also.

I tried with different combinations of languages but ended up in getting the same error. I have enabled "Keep unused directories" to yes. But no change though.

Checked many forums and sites but no help and i can see that many people face this issue too.

We are blocked on this and Please help in fixing this issue.

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