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I have my app deployed on multiple servers and each have their own database. How do I deploy the app with "cap deploy production" to all servers?

This is my production.rb

role :web, "123.456.78.90"
role :app, "123.456.78.90"
role :db,  "123.456.78.90", :primary => true
set :rails_env, "production"
set :user, "root"
set :password, "password"

I would need capistrano to also deploy it to the following:

role :web, "567.890.12.34"
role :app, "567.890.12.34"
role :db,  "567.890.12.34", :primary => true
set :rails_env, "production"
set :user, "root"
set :password, "password"
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