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I am trying to run Unix commands on both the bash.exe and mintty.exe, found in Cygwin64/bin (e.g., usr/bin/bash.exe). When I try to run the Unix commmand ls, I get bash: ls: command not found. However, when I click on the desktop icon for the Cygwin terminal, and enter ls into the resulting Cygwin terminal, the Unix commmands like ls work! Why do Unix commands not work on bash.exe and mintty.exe, but on the terminal the results from clicking the icon? Furthermore, what is the difference the two shells brought by bash.exe and mintty.exe?

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First, these two programs are not in any way alternatives to one another. Bash is a shell, and MinTTY is a terminal emulator. MinTTY normally runs your user's shell within itself, which may or may not be Bash.

If you examine the MinTTY shortcut that Cygwin's setup.exe builds, you will find that it isn't a simple launch of the program. It runs it as mintty -, which tells MinTTY to run your user's shell as a "login" shell. That means it is not running bash.exe without options. It runs bash -l, which causes it to read in a bunch of startup scripts immediately after launch.

This is the problem you have run into. If you run bash.exe without options, you just get the naked shell, with its default configuration, which means it doesn't do things like add the Cygwin /bin to your PATH.

Thus, if you had to run bash.exe outside MinTTY for some reason, you could say bash -l to get behavior somewhat closer to that of bash.exe when run under MinTTY. You would lose out on all of the terminal emulator features, however. MinTTY has much better copy-paste behavior than Windows' console does, for example. Say man mintty at a Cygwin command prompt for a fuller explanation of all the things MinTTY does for you.

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Thank you for the answer! –  George Newton Apr 12 '14 at 15:26

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