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I have two scripts, the first one:

//this is the first script with a link to the second
<a href="2.php">see me</a>

the second script

//this script displays the variables stored in 1.php
echo $_session['k'];
echo "<br>";
echo $_session['w'];
<a href="1.php">see me</a>

the problem is that I get an error message saying undefined variable _session. I use the start session method in both scripts, I can see that a session exists when i echo the session_id() so why? I use php 5.4.3 on wamp server 2.2. Any help will be appreciated.

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$_SESSION is a superglobal array and it must be in CAPITAL / BLOCK letters.

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+1 That is indeed the proper term ;-) –  Fred -ii- Apr 12 '14 at 14:00

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