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I've a problem with Joda Time... So, I'm developing a time difference method and I would be calculate the interval beetwen 2 times... I must develop 2 cases but I don't undestand how can I do:

1° case - interval

date1 = "01/02/2014 9:00";
date2 = "01/02/2014 18:00";

Expected result: 9 hours

2° case - difference time

date1 = "9:00";
date2 = "1:00";

Expected result: 8

how can I do? I'm very confused...

thank you guys!!

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You should consider time zone as that affects the calculation. –  Basil Bourque Apr 13 at 4:42

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class HourDeltaCalculator {

  // assuming you want month first like in US-date-format?
  private static final DateTimeFormatter FORMATTER = 
    DateTimeFormat.forPattern("MM/dd/yyyy H:mm"); 

  public static int hoursBetween(String date1, String date2) {
    LocalDateTime ldt1 = FORMATTER.parseLocalDateTime(date1);
    LocalDateTime ldt2 = FORMATTER.parseLocalDateTime(date2);

    return Hours.hoursBetween(ldt1, ldt2).getHours();

This code yields:

String date1 = "01/02/2014 9:00";
String date2 = "01/02/2014 18:00";
System.out.println(hoursBetween(date1, date2)); // 9

Your other case can be done in a very similar way, but with LocalTime instead of LocalDateTime. By the way, the difference between 09:00 and 01:00 is not 8, but -8.

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thanks man!! :) your reply is very clearly! I've a last question: how can I sum 2 times over 24h? In example: 15:00 + 15:00 = 30:00... :) Thanks so much! :) –  user3449772 Apr 13 at 10:49
if you interprete 15:00 as point in time then addition of two points in time does not make sense, but you might interprete the arguments as length in time that is *duration*s. Then you can look at the classes PeriodFormatter and Duration-method plus(). –  Meno Hochschild Apr 13 at 15:17
Yes, I'm developing an android app to calculate the ordinary time and extra time of my job and I need to sum/subtract hours as "normal" number...in example: I need to calculate the hours that I worked in a week...So, the results is greater than 24h! :) –  user3449772 Apr 13 at 15:21

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