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I am working on the Struts2 framework with JSP.

In my file, in that

com.samplePrj.Successmessage = Saved Successful

is an attribute. I need to use this value in my JSP page, using Struts2.

so how can I get the value of "com.samplePrj.Successmessage" in my JSP page.

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Use the text tag

<s:i18n name="samplePrj">
    <s:text name="com.samplePrj.Successmessage" />

it will load the bundle using i18n tag from and print the value from key com.samplePrj.Successmessage in it.

or you can use it with getText() but your action class should extend ActionSupport.

<s:property value="getText('com.samplePrj.Successmessage')"/>
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Sir, I want to check a variable value with the .property file value. How can we do it?? i.e using if condition (a == the property file value) – hKs Apr 13 '14 at 5:37
If the variable is in the value stack then you can use it in the OGNL expression in the if tag's test attribute. Like <s:if test="myVariable == getText('com.samplePrj.Successmessage')"> – Roman C Apr 13 '14 at 7:55

You can use getText() method to read from properties files.

<s:set var="variable" value="getText('com.samplePrj.Successmessage')"/>
<s:if test="myVariable == #variable"> 
  //do what u want
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