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want to call up a ranking position is it posible with @curRank?

I created a rank table with

    SELECT `item`, (`totalrate` / `nrrates`) AS `rank`, @curRank := @curRank 
+ 1 AS `ranking`  FROM `rtgitems`, (SELECT 

    @curRank := 0) r WHERE item
    REGEXP 'Total'
     ORDER BY (`totalrate` / `nrrates`)  DESC

I get a table

item       rank      ranking 

Karla       9.5       1
Kelly       9.3       2
Arian       9.1429    3

in the kelly page i want to call up her ranking position

    SELECT `item`, (`totalrate` / `nrrates`) 
AS `rank`, @curRank := @curRank + 1 AS `ranking` 
FROM `rtgitems`, 
(SELECT @curRank := 0) r WHERE item REGEXP 'kelly' 
ORDER BY (`totalrate` / `nrrates`) DESC LIMIT 10
echo "<td align='center' width='250'>" . $row['ranking'] . "</td>";  

but it only gives me a 1 instead of 2

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show us how you form $row[ranking] and what is kelly page –  Mihai Apr 12 at 16:31
I call the kelly ranking by REGEXP 'kelly' –  user3375733 Apr 12 at 16:34
The problem is the rank is calculated on the fly,so when you add REGEXP kelly it searches only for one person so the rank is one.Create a column and update it with rank and run a trigger to recalculate teh rank each day. –  Mihai Apr 12 at 17:28
Thanks I solved it by using an alias that easy –  user3375733 Apr 12 at 17:30
Post your answer and accept it. –  Mihai Apr 12 at 17:31

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You can move the WHERE clause out of ranking calculation results.


        `item`, (`totalrate` / `nrrates`) AS `rank`, 
        @curRank := @curRank + 1 AS `ranking` 
    FROM `rtgitems`, (SELECT @curRank := 0) r 
    ORDER BY (`totalrate` / `nrrates`) DESC 
    LIMIT 10
) results
WHERE item REGEXP 'kelly' 
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Yep same thing as an alias –  user3375733 Apr 12 at 18:10

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