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I have the following transfer function:

(5/(s^2+1) ) * e^(-0.1*s)

How do I include the dead time in the transfer function model?

I tried A=tf([5],[1 0 1],'td',0.1) but doesn't work (td undefined).

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A=tf([5],[1 0 1],'inputdelay',0.1)

The output from Matlab is:

Transfer function:
exp(-0.1*s) * -------
              s^2 + 1

The reason you received the error td not defined is because 'td' is not a recognized input value from the function. If you desire you use td, you can do this:

td = 'inputdelay'
A=tf([5],[1 0 1],td,0.1) 

and the output will be the same.

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