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I've the following template, that render a list o links, each link has a code, and name like a <a name="codigo" class="integrantes" href="#000356">Name of someone<a>

<div class="panel-group" id="accordion-integrantes">
<div class="panel panel-default">
  <div class="panel-heading">
        <h4 class="panel-title">
          <a data-toggle="collapse" data-parent="#accordion" href="#integrantes>">
            <?php echo $this->titulo; ?>

  <div id="integrantes" class="panel-collapse collapse in">
      <div class="panel-body">  
        <div class="table-responsive" >
          <table class="table table-hover" id="table-integrantes">
            <?php foreach($this->integrantes as $key => $value ): ?>
              <td>  <a  name="codigo" class="integrantes" code="<?php echo $key; ?> "> <?php echo $value ?> </a></td>  
            <?php endforeach; ?>

I wanna send a code vía get in the url, so I use the following function on javascript

 $('.integrantes').bind( 'click',function(){
    var code = $(this).attr( 'code');
    window.location.href = "CVLACController.php?code=" + code; 

When I press the link y send a code I and get a url lik http://testdomain.com/CVLACController.php?code=0000292915

It's fine, but Whe I generete a view with my controller and I use a collapse boostrap , that it use a id-of-div to expand o collapse a div, the problem is that it find the id-of-div like a


But this wrong, I hope something like


Now, I don't know how to remove the url parameters without lost the value of the variable dispatched. To apply the accrodion boostrap

how to send the parameters via post in this case, the right way and work fine the collapse-bostrap?


how to remove the parameters of the url without lost the values of the variables and work fine the collapse-bostrap?

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When you apply bootstrap, do you want to make previous code work? I mean, when you use collapse bootstrap, when clicking element it redirects to .....?code=xxxx do you still want it? –  Hüseyin BABAL Apr 12 at 17:03

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You can use a hidden form and post your code and it won't seen in the url. Here is an example;

<form id="send_code" action="CVLACController.php" type="POST">
    <input type="hidden" name="code" id="code" value=""/>

you can put any above form anywhere in your page, and in your js;

 $('.integrantes').bind( 'click',function(){
    var code = $(this).attr( 'code');

By doing this, you can post code value to CVLACController.php without any parameter in url. And do not forget to get code in CVLACController.php;

$code = $_POST["code"];
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It's works(partial), but when I try to do some object instantece not works, because I get a mistake that say me Trying to get property of non-object. –  Cristian Chaparro A. Apr 12 at 23:37
Could you please also state that instantiation on your question? –  Hüseyin BABAL Apr 13 at 6:09

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