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Is there a way of beta testing a Chrome extension in the Web Store among a small group of users?

I'd like to do this before scaling to everyone on my waiting list, but I don't want to have to send round the file with installation instructions, especially given that Google is tightening up on extensions that aren't downloaded from the Web Store.

It'd also be useful to be able to slowly roll it out (à la Mailbox) if that's at all possible.

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Publishing on Chrome Web Store has 3 (well, 4) options:

  • Public. The extension will be listed in search and gallery, everyone can install and use.
  • Unlisted. The extension will not be listed in search and gallery, but everyone with a direct link can install.
  • (Google Apps domains only) People with accounts on [example.com] only. This allows to publish items privately, as long as you administer a Google Apps domain.
  • Private. The item will only be available to a selected list of Google accounts, or a Google Group. Note that this is aptly aliased as "Trusted Testers".

That said, you most probably have 2 options:

  1. Have a restricted set of accounts that can use your app. CWS allows to either specify an explicit but short list, or to link with a Google Group you administer.

  2. Use "unlisted" and send everyone the link. Use only if you don't care if the link leaks: you won't be able to remotely kill any install.

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