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I have followed all the github issues on HTML5Mode breaking Angular apps in 1.5. I am having the same problem but none of the fixes are working for me.

Im doing the following:

<base href="/">


get '/*path', :to => "menus#index"


app.config(function($routeProvider, $locationProvider) {
 .when("/users/:u_id/restaurants/:r_id/menus/:m_id/edit", { templateUrl: "/assets/menus/edit.html", controller: "MenuSectionCtrl" })
 .when("/users/:u_id/restaurants/:r_id/menus/:m_id/sections/:sec_id/items", { templateUrl:   "/assets/menus/items.html", controller: "MenuItemCtrl" })
 .when("/users/:u_id/restaurants/:r_id/menus/:m_id/sections/:sec_id/items/:i_id/option_sections", { templateUrl: "/assets/menus/option_sections.html", controller: "MenuOptionSectionCtrl" })
 .when("/users/:u_id/restaurants/:r_id/menus/:m_id/sections/:sec_id/items/:i_id/option_sections/:op_sec_id/options", { templateUrl: "/assets/menus/options.html", controller:       "MenuOptionCtrl" })

I am lost as to what to do next. I have tried every combination of routes and base[href].

Anybody have any ideas?

Also, I have followed this tutorial too. http://omarriott.com/aux/angularjs-html5-routing-rails/

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Try this link http://start.jcolemorrison.com/angularjs-rails-4-1-and-ui-router-tutorial/

If you have mount only single angularjs application then it is very straight forward. You need to make this entry in routes.rb

get '*path' => 'application#index'

And in your application.controller change the index method as below

def index
  render layout: 'application'
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