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Im trying to create a triangle wave in matlab with equal rise and fall slope. I searched around abit and found a code example:

n=input ('Enter the length of the sequence N= ');
ylabel ('Amplitude');
xlabel ('Time Index');
TITLE ('Triangular waveform');

This code creates the the triangle form, but there are only data plots at the tip of each triangle. I want more data plots that follow the lines of the triangles.

Is there any function in matlab that can fill in data points with a specific width between the plots in the plotted lines from the graph? If no, how am I supposed to solve this?

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You need to linearly interpolate:

t2 = 0:0.5:n;
y2 = interp1(t, y, t2);

where t and y are the arrays from your example. You can use any size of interval for t2:

t2 = 0:0.1:n;

for example.

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Change t=0:n; to t=0:0.1:n; and y=(-1).^t; to y=2*abs(mod(t,2)-1)-1;

This is what I got:

enter image description here

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