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I am using apache tomcat 7 to develop a java dynamic web project (in eclipse). What I am implementing requires me to work with an external java API library, which require licence keys from the vendor of that API.

To use the API in my project, I have to place the licence keys in the root directory of my project. And this works perfectly when I am using the API in a standalone java application.

However, when using it with web technologies (servlets, tomcat), when I place those licence keys in the root directory of my project, it does not recognise them, it does not find them. I have copied the licence key in every directory and subdirectory and it still doesn't find the license keys.

I now feel like those licence keys need to be placed somewhere else in my tomcat installation, and specified somewhere in a configuration file. But WHERE and HOW are the problems.

My question is: If you were to use external Java API that requires license keys, if you were to use them with tomcat, where in tomcat would you specify those license keys? In the DD(Deployment Descriptor/web.xml) file? or in some directory in apache tomcat? in some file? where would you place your licence key so that tomcat sees and knows where they are and that they are the required license keys to use that external API?

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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