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I have a scrapy spider which crawls a site that loads content via ajax calls on the page. In order to login to the site to scrape, I have been using Selenium to fill in the sign in details and click Sign In.

The problem is that, even though I am able to login and get the success login message, the Request to call the function to scrap 'parse_start_url' is not getting called and the spider exits.

How can I get around this?

Code :


from scrapy.http import Request, FormRequest
from scrapy.selector import HtmlXPathSelector
from tutorial.items import ScrapLinkItem
from scrapy.contrib.spiders import CrawlSpider, Rule
from scrapy.contrib.linkextractors.sgml import SgmlLinkExtractor
from scrapy.xlib.pydispatch import dispatcher
from collections import defaultdict
from scrapy import log, signals
from selenium import webdriver
from pyvirtualdisplay import Display

class MySpider(CrawlSpider):

    handle_httpstatus_list = [302, 400, 404, 500]

    name = 'myspider'

    rules = [Rule(SgmlLinkExtractor(deny=[r'logged_out', r'login_form', r'logout'], unique=True), follow=True, callback='parse_start_url')]

    def __init__(self, domain=None, site_name=None, *a, **kw):
        super(MySpider, self).__init__(*a, **kw)
        self.display = Display(visible=0, size=(800, 600))
        self.driver = webdriver.Firefox()

        self.allowed_domains = ['%s' % domain]
        self.login_page = '%s/login_form' % (site_name)
        self.start_urls = '%s' % site_name
        dispatcher.connect(self.handle_spider_closed, signals.spider_closed)

    def get_cookies(self):
        self.log('Login Page: %s' % self.login_page, level=log.INFO)



        cookies = self.driver.get_cookies()

        return cookies

    def start_requests(self):

        yield Request(

    def check_login_response(self, response):
        """Check the response returned by a login request to see if we are
        successfully logged in.

        if "Log Out" in response.body:
            self.log("We are Successfully logged in. Let's start crawling! :%s, %s" % (response.url, self.start_urls) , level=log.INFO)

            yield Request(url=self.start_urls) ## After getting here, the parse_start_url method is not getting called. Have also tried through callback argument

        else :
            self.log("Wrong Credentials. Not logged in", level=log.INFO)

    def parse_start_url(self, response) :

        self.log('We are in parse_start_url method', level=log.INFO)
        # Parse the Response Link

    def handle_spider_closed(self, spider):
        log.msg("Pipeline.spider_closed called", level=log.INFO)

I am running my spider as below :

scrapy crawl myspider -a domain=www.example.com -a site_name=https://www.example.com

Output :

2014-04-12 21:54:43+0100 [scrapy] INFO: Scrapy 0.18.4 started (bot: tutorial)
2014-04-12 21:54:44+0100 [myspider] INFO: Spider opened
2014-04-12 21:54:44+0100 [myspider] INFO: Crawled 0 pages (at 0 pages/min), scraped 0 items (at 0 items/min)
2014-04-12 21:54:44+0100 [myspider] INFO: Login Page: https://wwww.example.com/login_form
2014-04-12 21:55:03+0100 [myspider] INFO: We are Successfully logged in. Let's start crawling! :https://www.example.com/home, https://www.example.com
2014-04-12 21:55:03+0100 [myspider] INFO: Closing spider (finished)
2014-04-12 21:55:03+0100 [scrapy] INFO: Pipeline.spider_closed called
2014-04-12 21:55:03+0100 [myspider] INFO: Dumping Scrapy stats:
        {'downloader/request_bytes': 2539,
         'downloader/request_count': 5,
         'downloader/request_method_count/GET': 5,
         'downloader/response_bytes': 21115,
         'downloader/response_count': 5,
         'downloader/response_status_count/200': 2,
         'downloader/response_status_count/301': 1,
         'downloader/response_status_count/302': 2,
         'finish_reason': 'finished',
         'finish_time': datetime.datetime(2014, 4, 12, 20, 55, 3, 665696),
         'log_count/INFO': 8,
         'request_depth_max': 1,
         'response_received_count': 2,
         'scheduler/dequeued': 4,
         'scheduler/dequeued/memory': 4,
         'scheduler/enqueued': 4,
         'scheduler/enqueued/memory': 4,
         'start_time': datetime.datetime(2014, 4, 12, 20, 54, 44, 68552)}
2014-04-12 21:55:03+0100 [myspider] INFO: Spider closed (finished)
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