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I'm using Zurb Foundation for a clients site where they have the ability to dynamically add and remove pages via Comfy Mexican Sofa (a rails CMS). How would I dynamically add the active class to active li in the topbar?

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That can be done with JQuery, but the exact method depends on how your pages are displayed in the address bar.

The following assumes that the URL is as follows:


The code provided will add the value of page to the page variable. You can then use this to select a li element to use the addClass jQuery method on to add the class active

As you can see currently this code snippet will append that class to all li elements on the page. You will want to determine an appropriate Selector to use to insure only one of the li elements gets this class. This is commonly the id as shown below.

$("#" + page) - This selector function gets the element with id="page" where page is the value in your variable.



// Retrieve current Pathname
var path = $(location).attr('pathname');
// Removes everything before and including the first /
var page = path.split('/')[1]
// Make sure we are working
$( "#" + page ).addClass( "active" );



If you need to refactor for a dirrent URL syntax or Selector method please provide a sample URL and li element.

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