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I cannot seem to view the trace messages for the Simple.Data library. I am using the Postgresql provider.

I have added the following to the web config to ensure all the messages will come through:

      <add name="Simple.Data" value="4" />

But still nothing. I can see the output that I write to the trace using Trace.Write("test");

Tried adding a custom listener, but this also only picked up my generated messages. Do I need to enable tracing somehow in the Simple.Data library?

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Rather than using a numerical value for the switch level, use the name. It's more reliable. so in your case:

        <add name="Simple.Data" value="Verbose" />

(Replace Verbose with 'Info', 'Warning', 'Error' or 'Off' as needed)

Should you wish to control the trace via code you can use SimpleDataTraceSources eg:

SimpleDataTraceSources.TraceSource.Switch.Level = SourceLevels.Verbose;
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