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This is the code i got so far

SELECT users_ID,Problem_ID 
FROM 'submission'
WHERE Status = "AC" 
GROUP BY users_ID,Problem_ID 

I am getting these results

| Users_ID | Problem_ID |
|        1 |          1 |
|        1 |          2 |
|        1 |          3 |
|        2 |          1 |
|        2 |          3 |

I only want to get

| Users_ID | Problem_ID |
|        1 |          3 | --  so because there are 3 results for user_ID 1
|        2 |          2 | -- and there are 2 results for user_ID 2

So the Problem_ID is how many rows I am getting from my query for each user.
But how do I accomplish this?


I forgot mention that the table contains duplicates of the same problem for example.
I got a Problem with the ID of 1 and then in the database there could be two rows with the same user and with status as "AC" but I want to only get one of them.

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This should work:

FROM `submission`
WHERE Status = 'AC' 
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 SELECT users_ID, count(Problem_ID) as `problem_count`
 FROM `submission`
 WHERE Status = 'AC' 
 GROUP BY users_ID;
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But i don't want to count the duplicates of "AC" on a problem so the user dosen't get more points if he has gotten "AC" often on the same problem. –  Ronnie Apr 13 at 0:40
SELECT DISTINCT user_id and problem_id INTO a temporary table and then execute the above query on the temp table. –  Achilles Apr 13 at 1:23
You guided me to the right answer, thank you! SELECT DISTINCT users_ID,COUNT(DISTINCT Problem_ID) FROM submission WHERE Status = "AC" GROUP BY users_ID –  Ronnie Apr 13 at 1:48

You can do something like this :

    ,count(s.Problem_ID)+CASE WHEN IFNULL(userDupli.nbrUserAC, 0) > 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END as `problem_count`
    `submission` s
    left join (SELECT 
                   ,count(*) as nbrUserAC 
               FROM `submission` 
               WHERE Status = 'AC' 
               GROUP BY users_ID) userDupli
        on userDupli.users_ID = s.users_ID
    Status <> 'AC' 
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