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I am using a DockLayoutPanel in GWT. I've added a few things to this panel.

I have a DockLayoutPanel.

DockLayoutPanel dockpanel = new DockLayoutPanel(Unit.EM);

I've added an image to "North":

Image logo = new Image("");
dockpanel.addNorth(logo, 5);

I've added an additional collection of panels as well:

dockpanel.add(otherSplitLayoutPanel, 5);

I need to apply CSS to the individual frames created by the DockLayoutPanel. Specifically, I need to apply CSS to the "North" frame which contains the image. Basically, I want to set the dimensions of the images such that they will be relative to the size of its container. I am having a lot of difficulty figuring out how to assign a div ID to this frame so that I can target it with CSS.

I don't want to just apply the CSS to the entire panel, so assigning and using an ID for the DockLayoutPanel is not an option.

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You don't need to assign ids to set CSS. You can use CSS classes or other selectors instead.

You can set a CSS class on your image:


In your CSS:

.logo {width: 50%; height: 50%;}

Or you can set it directly in your code:

logo.getElement().getStyle().setWidth(50, Unit.PCT);
logo.getElement().getStyle().setHeight(50, Unit.PCT);
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