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I would like to test real $http response (not using $httpBackend) and compare with my mock service but I still don't know what is the best practice. These are problem description and my propose solution:


  1. I am creating an full Angular app and API server.

  2. Sometime, API development is slower than front-end development. So, I created a mock service that inject $httpBackendProvider and return mock data right before the request is actually sent to server. This module doesn't use $interceptor. I think it is deeper than $interceptor technique. It works very well.

  3. I keep in mind about testing, so I followed karma and protractor. Both mock service and real api work pretty well with protractor testing.

  4. The PROBLEM begin when the API design changes. The protractor with real api is going to fail but the protractor with mock service is still success.

  5. So, in order to make determine which API is wrong, I need to write a comparing script between real api and mock service.


Using protractor testing and creating a simple web server like DEV HTTP CLIENT Chrome addon.

I would like to hear more from you guys. Thanks!

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I just successful implement my propose solution. Looking for your thought. –  Henry Tao Apr 13 '14 at 13:15

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You should test your api service first. When you serverside tests break (due to an api change) you should update that test case as well as the clientside test cases as well.

Make sure that you have a solution for API versioning, which is critical after your app has been publicly deployed.

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As for development purposes I love to use the apiary.io service. This provides you a functional API mockup + full documentation so you can delegate the API to someone else (my choice ;)

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