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Is there any way to animate the markers showing on the map? My markers are being shown as I scroll the through the map (asynchronously). For now, they appear static on the map. I would like to make them fall in from above while fading in. Is there any way to add this option to MarkerOptions? something like this:

static final LatLng MELBOURNE = new LatLng(-37.813, 144.962);
Marker melbourne = mMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions()
                          .animateShow(MarkerOptions.BOUNCE_IN); //this is what I wish for


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@SimplePlan none of the links talking about show animations –  vlio20 Apr 13 '14 at 7:54

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Here is a simple answer by getting the location x , y coordinates on the mapView and starting animation fro y = 0 till the location coordinates


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