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I've had a User model working for some time; I've also got an Admin user working with ActiveAdmin. I now want to create a Creator model. I've done the 'necessary setup' (though not all of it obviously as it's not working) -- I CAN login as a creator through the console. I've just set scoped logins in the config.

I've run rake routes and see this listed:

             new_creator_session GET        /creators/sign_in(.:format)                      devise/custom/creators#new
                  creator_session POST       /creators/sign_in(.:format)                      devise/custom/creators#create
          destroy_creator_session DELETE     /creators/sign_out(.:format)                     devise/custom/creators#destroy
      cancel_creator_registration GET        /creators/cancel(.:format)                       devise/registrations#cancel
             creator_registration POST       /creators(.:format)                              devise/registrations#create
         new_creator_registration GET        /creators/sign_up(.:format)                      devise/registrations#new
        edit_creator_registration GET        /creators/edit(.:format)                         devise/registrations#edit
                                  PATCH      /creators(.:format)                              devise/registrations#update
                                  PUT        /creators(.:format)                              devise/registrations#update
                                  DELETE     /creators(.:format)                              devise/registrations#destroy

First off - I think my setup above is a bit wonky; but was trying to follow examples. Perhaps the controller should be /creators/sessions? Anyway.

When I hit /creators/sign_in -- for some reason my /creators/sessions/new.html.erb is NOT being used and instead its' using the default views (that I set up under /layouts/_signup.html.erb) -- unfortunately these are using some items that are part of USER and not CREATOR, as there is a security_question_id as part of a User, not Creator:

Started GET "/creators/sign_in" for at 2014-04-12 23:50:10 -0400
Processing by Devise::Custom::CreatorsController#new as HTML
Rendered devise/custom/creators/new.html.erb within layouts/application (0.1ms)
  Rendered layouts/_messages.html.erb (0.1ms)
  SecurityQuestion Load (2.7ms)  SELECT "security_questions".* FROM "security_questions"
  Rendered layouts/_signup_modal.html.erb (19.4ms)
  Rendered layouts/_header.html.erb (21.9ms)
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 36ms

NoMethodError - undefined method `security_question_id' for #<Creator:0x007fbecc69e2a8>:

Unsure why the signup model is displaying vs sign_in ... just not sure what's going on here..

UPDATED EDIT: I sort of see what's happening here; the SIGNUP modal I created for the user is being rendered on every page (pulling in a partial layout) - and for some reason in the realm of trying to sign_in as a CREATOR it's getting confused by the 'resource' forms because a CREATOR doesn't have a security_question_id, but a USER does.

So I could NOT render the user sign in modal at all and instead go to a user sign_in page or how best to make sure that the resource being rendered for the forms are actually Users?

Hope this question is somewhat clear...

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