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i'm making my first app with pubnub for iOS. I am able to send a message and is working fine. However im having problems to know which user is the one that send the message.

I am receiving the message with this code

- (void)pubnubClient:(PubNub *)client didReceiveMessage:(PNMessage *)message {
NSLog( @"Mensaje:%@ Canal:%@ %@", message.message, message.channel.name, message.description);

But i dont know how to retrieve from this method the UUID or client identifier who send the message.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. Sorry for my bad english

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Had the same problem yesterday, what I did was to send in the message a dictionary and not as a single string. For example :

NSDictionary *message = @{kSenderName:user.username,kSenderId:user.objectId,kReciverId:objectId,kReciver:recover.username, kMessage:@"here goes the message itself"};

and then send -

[PubNub sendMessage: message toChannel:self.groupChannel withCompletionBlock:^(PNMessageState state, id obj) {


And on the receiving side -

    NSString *senderId = message.message[kSenderId];
    NSString *senderName = message.message[kSenderName];
    NSString *messageText = message.message[kMessage];

BTW, this way you can add important Meta-Data to your messages for more complicated scenarios.

Good Luck

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Really nice idea!!!! Thank you very much! –  user3175133 Apr 13 at 14:38
@shannoga, nice job, this is indeed the best practice! –  Geremy Apr 14 at 1:03

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