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i have a simple plsql query with me and i want to run fetch records from the table by passing array in in query. below code is subprogram of a big program.

  -- some array say item_array (2d dynamic dynamic array)
  -- filled some records in array item_array say 1 to 10
  select id from demo where item in (item_array(1)); 

please help. i need such approach to caluclate frequent itemsets(data mining using apriori close) from table, when we calculate frequent itemsets for more transaction_ids.

if possible we can also store the result in the array.

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It looks like you want to use the ANY keyword with the array.

SELECT id FROM demo WHERE item = ANY (item_array[1]);

The above assumes--as the comment suggests--that the item_array is two dimensional and you wanted the first element's array to search against.

Also note that when you are accessing the array's individual elements, then you use square brackets rather than parentheses.

While I have never done so, if it's an INOUT parameter, then I do not see why you could not modify the array and therefore return it. However, I am not convinced that you have given a good reason to do this; just because you can do something does not make it the right way to do it.

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