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Today I've been trying to bring more of the Python related modes into my Emacs configuration but I haven't had much luck.

First what I've noticed is that depending on how Emacs is launched (terminal vs from the desktop), the interpreter it decides to use is different.

  • launched from KDE menu: M-! which python gives /usr/bin/python

  • launched from terminal: M-! which python gives ~/local/bin/python

I can kind of accept this since I have my .bashrc appending ~/local/bin to the path and I guess KDE ignores that by default. I can work around this, however what I don't understand is then if I activate a virtualenv, I would expect M-! which python to point to ~/project.env/bin/python however it still points to ~/local/bin/python.

Thus when I M-x py-shell, I get ~/local/bin/python so if I try to M-x py-execute-buffer on a module that resides in a package in the virtualenv, py-shell will complain about not knowing about modules also in the virtualenv.

Setting py-python-command to "~/project.env/bin/python" seems to have no effect after everything is loaded.

So I guess the overall crux of my question is, how does one get all the python related emacs stuff pointing at the right interpreter?

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There is a virtualenv mode for Emacs. It requires Emacs 23.1 or higher.

This is a minor mode for setting the virtual environment for the Python shell using virtualenv and supports both python-mode.el and python.el.

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But the use of that tool precludes the use of virtualenvwrapper – PuercoPop Nov 8 '12 at 1:11
Your post refers to my old virtualenv package that I no longer maintain; there are at least 3 newer, actively maintained packages: virtualenvwrapper, pyvenv, python-environment – aculich Feb 20 '14 at 23:05
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So it seems that python-shell does the right thing by picking up the environment settings, whereas py-shell does not. python-shell is provided by python.el and py-shell is provided by python-mode.el , There's bug reports etc related to this, so I'm just not going to use py-shell for now. Figured I'd close the loop on this in case the google machine considers this a high ranking item for one reason or another.

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A useful page on using virtualenv with Emacs (since I found this page via Google):… – Nicholas Riley Jun 21 '10 at 17:47
(updated link of the comment above:…) – semente Sep 7 '13 at 16:47

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