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The data is roughly this:


        <name>Latitude User</name>
        <description>location history</description>
            <gx:coord>X Y Z</gx:coord>
            <gx:coord>X Y Z</gx:coord>

I am trying to read the <when> and <gx:coord> data into an R data frame as separate columns. I want to read the <when> and the <gx:coord> tags into separate columns of the data frame. X, Y and Z are GPS numeric coordinates. There is only one set of <gx:Track> s

I have gotten as far as

data <- xmlParse("history-03-14-2014.xml")

xmlToDataFrame doesn't seem to be able to navigate down to the <gx:coord> and <when> nodes though and I can't work out how to access the values.


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I think you need to expand on the example a bit more - are there repeated gx:Track elements or repeated Placemark elements or what? Is the X Y Z actual numbers? What do you want in your data frame? – Spacedman Apr 13 '14 at 7:44
This is a perfect example of why asking for "small representative examples" is such a crock. If this is a kml file then there are several namespace declarations in the header. If you upload the whole file somewhere (Dropbox?) and post a link in your question, maybe someone can help you. – jlhoward Apr 13 '14 at 20:22

I not sure how rest of the file look, but I assume that gxtrack is repeated many times and you want to extract this points. Try regex:

file <- stri_paste(readLines("file.xml"),sep="",collapse="")
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downvote for trying to parse XML with regular expressions... – Spacedman Apr 13 '14 at 10:18

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