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I am trying to implement zoomable and panable image in winforms , the problem is my calculations always to seem off without the autoscroll ,and the image is always getting out of the boundaries and one got any idea? Here my code
this is the one with the autoscroll set true and everything works fine in zoom mode when I moving around(my goal is to do without the scroll bar visible or set at all)

            int DeltaX = (m_StartingPoint.X - e.X);
            int DeltaY = (m_StartingPoint.Y - e.Y);
            pbImage.AutoScrollMinSize = new Size(
            (int)(this.pbImage.Image.Width * pbImage.Zoom + 0.5f),
             (int)(this.pbImage.Image.Height * pbImage.Zoom + 0.5f)
            this.pbImage.AutoScrollPosition = new System.Drawing.Point(Math.Abs(DeltaX - AutoScrollPosition.X), Math.Abs(DeltaY - AutoScrollPosition.Y));

and here is the code where everything goes wrong

 int DeltaX = (m_StartingPoint.X - e.X);
            int DeltaY = (m_StartingPoint.Y - e.Y);
            this.pbImage.x = DeltaX;
            this.pbImage.y = DeltaY;

and paintevent of the item(tooked from bobpowell.net )

 //Set up a zoom matrix
        Matrix mx = new Matrix(_zoom, 0, 0, _zoom, 0, 0);
        //now translate the matrix into position for the scrollbars
        mx.Translate(this.x / _zoom, this.y / _zoom);
        //use the transform
        e.Graphics.Transform = mx;
        //and the desired interpolation mode
        e.Graphics.InterpolationMode = _interpolationMode;
        //Draw the image ignoring the images resolution settings.
        e.Graphics.DrawImage(_image, new Rectangle(0, 0, this._image.Width, this._image.Height), 0, 0, _image.Width, _image.Height, GraphicsUnit.Pixel);
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