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I am developing a simple device running Linux. It is BLE capable, and I am currently using bluez 4.99-2.

I want to trigger an action on this device using Apple Notification Center Service(ANCS).

What already works;

・The device connects to an iPhone using "bluez-simple-agent hci0 XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX"

What I am missing;

・The device needs to scan the ANCS packet from iPhone.

・I got "Connection refused(111)" when I did "gatttool -b XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX --primary". I expected the return value was one instance of the ANCS.

But I have no idea. Any suggestions or references? What should I do next? Any help will be appreciated.



Possibly these references are helpful.


Seemingly, I have to subscribe to the Notification Source characteristic. But, how?


From what I've seen the diagram in the apple reference so far, NC (maybe.. linux in my case) may need discover services and characteristics.

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Have you tried looking at "Service Solicitation" to try and expose the ANCS to your device? This person managed to structure their advertising packets to achieve it, maybe you can get some hints from it. –  Yazid May 11 at 0:03

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