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I'm converting an IE window's handle to mshtml.HTMLDocumentClass using the way as described here.

There are a couple of really weird things happening here.

  1. When I hook into the onreadystatechange event for frame document (get the frame using document.getElementById and hook into frame onreadystatechange), the event gets fired only once.

  2. Problem #1 disappears when I detach the event handler and reattach it to the same method.

  3. THE MAIN PROBLEM , after doing this the web document freezes, textboxes don't receive focus , buttons can be clicked but they appear like read only buttons All text type controls become readonly, after digging through the problem a little , I found that this behaviour appears as soon as you hook into the frame document's onreadystatechange event. Detaching from the event brings the page back to normal behaviour.

Here's the code which I'm using.

this.GuideDocument = this.GetHtmlDocumentByWindowHandle(handle) as mshtml.HTMLDocumentClass;
var frame = (this.GuideDocument.frames.item(0) as mshtml.IHTMLWindow2).frames.item(1) as mshtml.IHTMLWindow2;
var frameDocument = frame.document as mshtml.HTMLDocumentClass;
frameDocument.HTMLDocumentEvents2_Event_onreadystatechange += frameDocument_HTMLDocumentEvents2_Event_onreadystatechange;

void frameDocument_HTMLDocumentEvents2_Event_onreadystatechange(IHTMLEventObj pEvtObj)
    frameDocument.HTMLDocumentEvents2_Event_onreadystatechange -= frameDocument_HTMLDocumentEvents2_Event_onreadystatechange;
    frameDocument.HTMLDocumentEvents2_Event_onreadystatechange += frameDocument_HTMLDocumentEvents2_Event_onreadystatechange;
    this.DisableButton("btnClose", string.Empty, framedocument);

I'm not exactly sure as to what's missing here, Do you see anything wrong here, or any alternate approach. This web page is composed of many framesets and thus frames. any insights into this will be a gr8 help.

I somehow feel, that it requires some base.onreadystatechange thing, but I don't know if there is one available. Or some other way to let the original event get called etc..


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That's a common threading problem called deadlock. It happens when you break the contract of an apartment-threaded COM server, like WebBrowser. Creating one on an STA thread requires you to pump a message loop. Use the debugger's Debug + Windows + Threads to find out what your threads are doing. –  Hans Passant Apr 13 '14 at 10:48
@HansPassant , thanks for your help Hans, but could you plz give me few more details, like what should I look for in threads' window and how to use that information for my purpose. One thing which I forgot to add was that this whole code is running in a different thread than UI. But even running this code on UI thread didn't make any difference. –  shashank Apr 13 '14 at 12:46
sscce.org –  Hans Passant Apr 13 '14 at 12:48
Any one else having any idea on this? –  shashank Apr 14 '14 at 1:59
still waiting if someone can throw some light –  shashank Apr 15 '14 at 4:29

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