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I have followed the instruction on http://www.raywenderlich.com/32960/apple-push-notification-services-in-ios-6-tutorial-part-1 , it worked with me very well. But, now I have some more concerns which are:

  1. how to make the server broadcast notifications to many device not to mine only with registered device token.
  2. I want to make my own C# app on windows on server side instead of PHP code.
  3. How to make the message increment badges number?
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What have you tried so far? –  Neil Galiaskarov Apr 13 at 8:58
All what is in the the following link raywenderlich.com/32960/… –  usamacpp Apr 13 at 9:05
I am asking if there is a way to broadcast messages from server, or I have to send messages to all registered devices individually?? –  usamacpp Apr 13 at 9:06
for question #2, I have found github.com/Redth/PushSharp. but not tested yet –  usamacpp Apr 13 at 9:40

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For a simple broadcast solution I would suggest using urban airship which provides all these functions. So you just need to communicate with their API in order to do this.

As for your third question I can tell you that you simply need to add a + sign before your badge attribute to increase the badge-number.

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I tried adding +, still not working –  usamacpp Apr 13 at 9:38
Ah sorry I think that + -thing is a feature of the urbanAirship SDK so if you don't use it, you need to implement this manually. –  Daniel Apr 13 at 9:42

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