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It seems to me that pip only uses the following API resources of PyPI:

  • /pypi/package_name for finding links to the latest version of a distribution
  • /pypi/package_name/version for links to a specific version
  • /pypi/ for getting a list of all packages (when the former resources fail to find the appropriate package? not sure)
  • The xmlrpc method search for searching distributions by name or description.

In addition, it seems that setuptools / distribute / etc. use the /pypi/ resource with multipart-data post with the field :action == "upload" for uploading a file with it's metadata, and "register" for just uploading the metadata.

What about the rest of the API? There's API calls for returning the distribution metadata from the database, but it seems to me that pip reads them from the release file itself. There are numerous other xmlrpc methods, but it doesn't look like pip uses them at all.

Are there other clients that use more of PyPI's API? Have I overlooked some of pip's capabilities? Are API calls such as display_pkginfo, verify and urls etc. are being used by any other client out there?

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