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I have a line of code that I am unable to view. I am using a spry nav bar. I am saving the files as navigation.shtm, and the file that it is going is is products.shtm

This is a simple link and it should be working fine but I can get it to work correctly.

  <div id="column1">
  <div class="menu">
            <!--#include file="ssifooter/navigation.shtm" -->

The data file is (Dreamweaver spry)

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What server are you running?


  • For IIS 6.0 check out this link.
  • For IIS 7.0 there is an option within the OS you need to install (Windows 7 under Application Development Features of the Internet Information Services options of turning on or off windows features)


Check out this link for how to configure and install the extension

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I believe it is an Apache server. –  Michael Feb 21 '10 at 0:06
thanks... that worked. –  Michael Feb 21 '10 at 0:58

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