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I am having a problem with indexes building in my App Engine application. There are only about 200 entities in the indexes that are being built, and the process has now been running or over 24 hours.

My application name is romanceapp.

Is there any way that I can re-start or clear the indexes that are being built?

Thank you and kind regards Alexander M.

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You need to ask questions like this on the official groups - the only people who can help you are App Engine team members, and not many of us frequent Stack Overflow. Your indexes finished building on their own, however - a 24 hour wait time is not unusual, and the size of the index does not actually affect that much. – Nick Johnson Feb 25 '10 at 10:38
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Try to redeploy your application to appspot, I have the same issue and this solved it. Let me know if this helps.

Greeting, eng.Ilian Iliev

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To handle "Error" indexes, first remove them from your index.yaml file and run vacuum_indexes. Then, either reformulate the index definition and corresponding queries or remove the entities that are causing the index to "explode." Finally, add the index back to index.yaml and run update_indexes.

I found it here and it helps me.

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