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I got a layout, where I need to draw line between two sub views (between the two centers), but witouth the line overlapping the views themself

I succeeded draw line between the two centers using:

final int lineStartX = ((LayoutParams) viewA.getLayoutParams()).leftMargin + (viewA.getMeasuredWidth() / 2);
final int lineStartY = ((LayoutParams) viewA.getLayoutParams()).topMargin + (viewA.getMeasuredHeight() / 2);
final int lineEndX = ((LayoutParams) viewB.getLayoutParams()).leftMargin + (viewB.getMeasuredWidth() / 2);
final int lineEndY = ((LayoutParams) viewB.getLayoutParams()).topMargin + (viewB.getMeasuredHeight() / 2);
canvas.drawLine(lineStartX, lineStartY, lineEndX, lineEndY, mLinePaint);

But the line is visible on the views area also.

Drawing the views on the line is not considered as solution, because the views background should be transparent

How do I achieve that?

Thanks in advance!

enter image description here

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just calculate where this line intersects the view border and start drawing from that position –  Sasha Salauyou Apr 13 at 12:47
This is what I'm trying to find out , the intersect point :) –  dor506 Apr 13 at 12:53

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Well I finally did it with my own implementation using Similar Triangles formula: http://www.mathopenref.com/similartriangles.html

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