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I'm writing a Visual Studio extension of a new c++ project template on Visual Studio 2010. I 'm doing it by the method of .vsz template. I expanded the default.js code according to my needs. iN THE OnFinish(selProj, selObj) function I copy an existing solution from some directory in my computer to the current solution directory, I add the new generated project to that solution, and run it.

I'm doing this like:

function OnFinish(selProj, selObj) {

        var strProjectPath = wizard.FindSymbol('PROJECT_PATH');
        var strProjectName = wizard.FindSymbol('PROJECT_NAME');

        selProj = CreateCustomProject(strProjectName, strProjectPath);
        AddConfig(selProj, strProjectName);

        var InfFile = CreateCustomInfFile();
        AddFilesToCustomProj(selProj, strProjectName, strProjectPath, InfFile);


        //My Added Code
        var strSolutionPath = strProjectPath + "\\..";
        var EmulationPath = "C:\\Users\\username\\Desktop\\TestSln";
        var TreePath = strSolutionPath + "\\apps";
        var fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");

        fso.CopyFolder(EmulationPath, strSolutionPath);

        var Solution = dte.Solution;
        Solution.Open(strSolutionPath + "\\TestSln.sln");

        var p = Solution.AddFromFile(strProjectPath + "\\" + strProjectName + ".vcxproj"); 

        if (e.description.length != 0)
        return e.number

but I have to add the new project to a specific sub-folder of the solution: the above code adds the new project to the solution straightly, and I'ld like to add it to the solutionDir\apps. BTW, the "apps" folder is empty, and I want it to contain the new generated project from now on.

Do you know about any way to do thus? thanks!!

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I found my way:

for (var i = 1; i <= solution.Projects.Count; i++) 
            if(Solution.Projects.Item(i).Name == "apps")        
                appsFolder = Solution.Projects.Item(i);
                project = appsFolder.Object.AddFromFile(newProjectPath + "\\" + strProjectName + "\\" + strProjectName + ".vcxproj");

Thanks you all for trying help :)

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