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I am able to get all the FOLDERS from a specific path from dropbox. But now i want to get all the files from any specific FOLDER. Like if there is a FOLDER named "MyFolder1" in dropbox, now i want to get all the files from this FOLDER. So, how can i can accomplish this task.

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private boolean downloadDropboxFile(String dbPath, File localFile) throws IOException{

        BufferedInputStream br = null;
        BufferedOutputStream bw = null;

        try {
            if (!localFile.exists()) {
                localFile.createNewFile(); //otherwise dropbox client will fail silently

            FileDownload fd = api.getFileStream("dropbox", dbPath, null);
            br = new BufferedInputStream(;
            bw = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(localFile));

            byte[] buffer = new byte[4096];
            int read;
            while (true) {
            read =;
            if (read <= 0) {
            bw.write(buffer, 0, read);
        } finally {
            //in finally block:
            if (bw != null) {
            if (br != null) {

        return true;


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I got solution by myself.

    String mPath="/";  //You can change the path here to specific FOLDER
Entry dirent = null;
      dirent = mApi.metadata(mPath, 1000, null, true, null);            
 catch (DropboxException e)
     System.out.println("Error Detail "+e.getMessage());

//Perform a Loop and retrieve all FILES and FOLDER from the PATH

     for (Entry ent: dirent.contents)
       String name = ent.fileName();                           
       System.out.println("My File in Folder "+name);                        
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