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#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <cstring>
#include <vector>

using namespace std;

struct node {
   int number;
   string name;
   node* next;

int hash(string dna) {
   int i, sum=0;
   for (i=0; i<dna.size(); i++) {
      if (dna[i]=='A') {
      else if (dna[i]=='C') {
      else if (dna[i]=='G') {
      else {
   cout << "Hash sum is " << sum << endl;
   return sum;

int main() {
   int dnalength, sublength;
   cin >> dnalength >> sublength;
   string sequence;
   cin >> sequence;
   //Declare array
   vector <node*> list(sublength*3+1);
   cout << "The list size is " << list.size() << endl;
   //Storing all substrings
   int index;
   for (index=0; index+sublength-1<dnalength; index++) {
      string temp = sequence.substr(index, sublength);
      cout << "Current substring is " << temp << endl;
      int value = hash(temp);
      if (list[value]==NULL) {
         //cout << "Null activated " << endl;
         //Node declaration
         node* ptr;
         ptr = new node;

      else {
         node* ptr=list[value];
         while (ptr->next!=NULL) {
            if (ptr->name==temp) {
               goto location;
         if (ptr->name==temp) {
            goto location;
         node* newptr;
         newptr = new node;

      cout << "Success 1 loop " << endl;
   cout << "Debug @ 3: " <<list[3]->name << list[3]->number << endl;
   cout << "Debug @ 3: " <<(list[3]->next)->name << (list[3]->next)->number << endl;

   int numofsub;
   cin >> numofsub;

   return 0;

Expected ';' before '}' token ??? At line 80:7, which is this part


I am at my wits end... I tried so many ways to debug, the problem has to do with the GOTO function, but I really really cannot see any issues with it!

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A label (e.g. location:) must precede a statement. Even ; on its own will suffice. –  Oli Charlesworth Apr 13 at 12:34
the problem has to do with the GOTO function: frequently when using goto, this can be said :) –  mah Apr 13 at 12:34
A title should attempt to describe the problem, not how you feel –  stefan Apr 13 at 12:38

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You didn't. Replace:



location:;                   // <-- empty statement

This is the grammar of the language: a statement must follow a label, at least an empty one.

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The C++ Standard defines labeled statement. It means that the label can be only before a statement. The definition of the labeled statement (shortened) looks as

identifier : statement

So this construction


is invalid because the label does not precede any statement. If you want that the control would be passed to the end of a code block you can use a null statement. For example

location: ;

From the C++ Standard

A null statement is useful to carry a label just before the } of a compound statement and to supply a null body to an iteration statement such as a while statement

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