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I have a form (Form1) and a button on it. When I press that button, I create runtime panels stored in an array of panels, declared like that:

 Panel[] Panouri_variabile = new Panel[20];

If I press the button, a panel is created. If I press the button again, another panel is created underneath the previous panel and so on.

Each panel has a textbox inside it. Obviously, the textboxes are stored in an array of textboxes, declared like that:

 TextBox[] Nume_variabila = new TextBox[20];

The user writes something in each textbox of each panel.

Now, I want to access the data written by the user in those textboxes, from another form, like that:

 Form1 form = new Form1();

That could be easily done if the panels and the texboxes are created at design-time, by simply setting the Modifier property of all controls to public.

The problem is that they are created at run-time, so I can't change the Modifier property.

After a lot of searches I found the following posible solution:

 Panel new_Panel = Panouri_variabile[i];

And then declare the following property at the same level as the event - handlers are (class-level I think)

 public Panel new_Panel { get; private set; }

I noticed that I can see the new_Panel from another form, so I can access it like that:

 Form1 form = new Form();

but the problem that it is not indexable! I have an array of panels (and an array of texboxes) so I should access them using an index, as I specified above!

Is there a way of accessing those texboxes from another form? Or should I create them design-time?

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So declare your property as an array instead. –  SLaks Apr 13 '14 at 12:58
I replaced Panel[] Panouri_variabile = new Panel[20]; by public Panel[] Panouri_variabile = new Panel[20]; It works! I can see the array with form.Panouri_variabile[i] (so it is indexable). In the same way I "managed" to access the texboxes. The problem is that when I try to access one, like: form.Nume_variabile[i].Text, it gives me a null reference exception. Why is that? I almost found what I was searching for and it doesn't work! –  Ioniţă Cosmin Apr 13 '14 at 14:00
@SLaks: you mean something like: public Panel[] new_Panel { get; private set; } that? Allright, but how can I access the texboxes from another form? –  Ioniţă Cosmin Apr 13 '14 at 14:02

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