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I have a application(not mine) that uses AxXtremeDockingPane by CodeJock to add dockable panels to the application.

AxXtremeDockingPane has a method called AttachToWindow(int handle) which when called will create a docking manger into the window with the handle supplied, which can be any application.

I was wondering if there are any other free/cheaper docking controls that will let you do the same thing?

What I am trying to do is, the main application(not mine) creates a docking manager in it's main window when the application runs but they made access to the AxXtremeDockingPane private meaning that I can not add my own panels to the main application window. The problem is if you try and make a new AxXtremeDockingPane and call AttachToWindow(int handle) using the handle to the main application or any child windows it throws a MemoryAccessViolation because there is already a docking manager there.

I would like to find another suite that can do the same thing, so I can create a new docking manager into the main window, so have AxXtremeDockingPane and {other control} in the main window.

Sorry bit hard to explain.

Does anyone know how I can do this, or know any tools that do.

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I've never used it, but there is an open-source DockPanel suite on SourceForge here:


It looks exactly like Visual Studio's DockPanel stuff based on the screenshots.

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A month late, but I second the dock panel suite. I've used it in numerous internal applications. –  Yoopergeek Mar 23 '10 at 14:03
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