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I think I am doing this all wrong but if I am in directory foo/ which is a child of bar/ and I do:


it returns false, when it should be true ... unless I am doing it wrong:


someotherfile.rb is the one with the code to check if somefile.rb exists.

What am I doing wrong - I am trying to see if it exists, so I can open it.

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It works fine here, please make sure the directory structure is indeed what you say it is. Also, make sure you did not change your working directory. Dir.getwd will return the current working directory so make sure that's indeed bar/foo in your case. –  Daniël Knippers Apr 13 at 17:03
File.exists? is actually deprecated in ruby 2.1 - Use File.exist? instead –  Musannif Zahir Apr 13 at 17:25

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If the process does not have permissions to tell whether a file exists it will return false. It may be possible to open a file, but not tell by normal methods if it exists.

source:- File.exists() returns false when file exists

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