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How to connect cloud foundry services to a spring boot maven project? I thought putting spring.data.mongodb.uri = uri to the property file will solve the problem. Is there additional step to connect to the services created in cloud foundry? Thanks. btw i add service using sts by checking the service in the deploying step.

    public MongoDbFactory mongoDbFactory() {
        CloudEnvironment cloudEnvironment = new CloudEnvironment();
        MongoServiceInfo serviceInfo = cloudEnvironment.getServiceInfo("servicename", MongoServiceInfo.class);
        MongoServiceCreator serviceCreator = new MongoServiceCreator();
        return serviceCreator.createService(serviceInfo);

so i add this code but it still hangs in the deployment. Is the service name is the service instance name?

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That should work (obviously you need the right "uri" environment variable). What is it that you actually did and what was it that happened? –  Dave Syer Apr 13 at 20:45
i was stuck at Deploying application... Generating application archive... Pushing application to Cloud Foundry server... Processing payload... . Staging application... Waiting for application to start... .................. .................... .................... –  james Apr 14 at 0:00
You are deploying with STS? Does it work from the command line (e.g. "cf push myapp -p target/*.jar")? –  Dave Syer Apr 14 at 4:28
yes. im deploying in sts. i guess the real problem for me is the connection of the db coz when i remove the db, the deployment is successful. Do you have an example program their that i can follow through? posgresql,mongodb or cleardb. thanks –  james Apr 14 at 4:46
There's an example for a different platform here: github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/issues/668. If you just pull out the URL stuff it should work the same way. –  Dave Syer Apr 14 at 23:38

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