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I'm writing the contents of the clipboard to a txt using pbpaste, for some reason it deletes all newlines from the text in the clipboard.

This is the command I'm using:

echo `pbpaste` > /Users/me/file.txt

It works as expected except for the fact that none of the newlines from the clipboard contents are to be found in the target file.

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Is there anyway to keep the newlines?

Yes, by eliminating echo:

pbpaste > /Users/me/file.txt
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NVM, works now, must have done something wrong, without the echo command I can't write to the file, I get this error message: "-bash: Stack: command not found" –  Tor Thommesen Apr 13 at 17:34
@TorThommesen The error is most likely (for sure) occurring elsewhere. –  devnull Apr 13 at 17:39

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