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I have a RethinkDB table with records structured like this:

 one: [
   field: val,
   foo: bar
   field: val2

Now, if I do something like

reql = reql.filter(function(tb) {
                    return tb("one").contains(function(k) {
                            return k("field").eq(val);

I match all documents where one of the objects in the array on the key "one" has a key "field" with a value matching "val". However, what I want to do is to only match the documents where all of the objects in the array on the key "one" have keys "field" with values matching "val".

How can I do this?

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You can map each element of the array to a boolean (whether the value for "field" is "val"), then reduce with a and.

So something like this:

reql.filter(function(tb) {
    return tb("one").map(function(element) {
        return element("field").eq("val")
    }).reduce(function(left, right) {
        return left.and(right)
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how is this snippet in python? @neumino – Julio Marins Mar 25 '15 at 17:37

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