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I have got IFRAME with login screen for design reasons. And when user logged in I trigger the parent redirect to '/my_app/welcome/' using redirect.html. After redirect user becomes not logged in. I checked request.user.username in a view (for '/my_app/welcome/') but login was lost. Please advise how to keep it logged in ?

File views.py:

def login(request, template_name):
username = password = ''

if request.POST:
    username = request.POST['username']
    password = request.POST['password']
    user = authenticate(username=username, password=password)

    request.user = user

    if user is not None:
        if user.is_active:

            return TemplateResponse(request, 'accounts/redirect.html', {'redirect_url':'/my_app/welcome/'})

return render_to_response(template_name, locals(),

File redirect.html:

            window.top.location.href = '{{ redirect_url }}';


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I'm not sure why you think that simply assigning the user to request.user is enough to log them in. It isn't, because it doesn't do anything like setting the session cookie.

The correct way to log a user in, as the documentation explains, is to call the appropriately-named login function . You probably want to call your view function something different to avoid name confusion.

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