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I'm using a VBA script to fill a column with some data.

This script checks for the first free cell in a range and fill it with the data from another Excel worksheet.

The script starts when user double clicks on a data-cell in the other sheet.

The code of the VBA script is:

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
Dim ws2 As Worksheet
Dim cognome As Range
Dim ultB As Long

Set cognome = Me.Range("A:A")
Set ws2 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("PUBBLICO")
ultB = IIf(ws2.Range("E8").Value = "", 8, ws2.Range("E7").End(xlDown).Row + 1)

If Not Intersect(Target, cognome) Is Nothing And Target.Value <> "" Then
    ws2.Range("E" & ultB).Value = Me.Range("B" & Target.Row).Value 'ANNO
    ws2.Range("F" & ultB).Value = Me.Range("A" & Target.Row).Value 'COGNOME
    'ws2.Range("E4").Value = Me.Range("C" & Target.Row).Value NOME SQUADRA
End If
Set ws2 = Nothing
Cancel = True
End Sub

The problem is that this script should be optimized for another use. I've another Excel sheet that into the range of cell to fill contains a cell that is always pre-filled and it is merged.

This is the example of my Excel file:

enter image description here

As you can see, row 19 is always pre-filled.

So, any suggestions to correct my script to jump row 19?

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What is row 16 in your description? Row 19 or row 27? Why do you want to jump to that row? It is not clear what you want to achieve. –  teylyn Apr 13 at 21:01
I'm sorry, I meant row 19. And sorry again, I don't want to jump to row 19, but skip row 19 in range from E-F8 to E-F26. –  s.milziadi Apr 13 at 21:09

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ultB = IIf(ws2.Range("E8").Value = "", 8, ws2.Range("E27").End(xlUp).Row + 1)
If ultB = 19 Then ultB = 20
If ultB = 27 Then
    MsgBox "Form is full"
    Exit Sub
End If

If Not Intersect(Target, cognome) Is Nothing And Target.Value <> "" Then

This will find the last populated cell from the bottom up instead of from the top down. It also contains some code to notify when the form is full.

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In this case when I reach row 19, the script goes correctly to row 20, but after, it doesn't proceed to row 21-22-23 etc. but it remains in row 20. –  s.milziadi Apr 13 at 22:03
I edited my answer. –  teylyn Apr 13 at 22:16

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