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Here is what I am trying to do:

Let x be a vector with n entries x1,x2,...xn. Write a mat-lab program which computes the vector p with entries defined by

pk = X1*X2....Xk-1*Xk+1...Xn. 
for each k =1,2,...n.

pk is the product of all the entries of x except xk. (use prod command of compute the product of all the entries, then divide by xk). Take the appropriate special action if either one of more the entries of x is zero. Using vectors throughout and no 'for' loop.

I spent too much time to figure out this problem. I still could not get it. Please help!

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  1. Brute force:

    n = numel(x);
    X = repmat(x(:),1,n); %// put vector in column form and repeat
    X(1:n+1:end) = 1; %// make diagonal 1
    result = prod(X); %// product of each column
  2. Saving computations:

    ind = find(x==0);
    if numel(ind)>1 %// result is all zeros
        result = zeros(size(x));
    elseif numel(ind)==1 %// result is all zeros except at one entry
        result = zeros(size(x));
        result(ind) = prod(nonzeros(x));
    else %// compute product of all elements and divide by each element
        result = prod(x)./x;
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thank you so much! that make sense –  user3529945 Apr 13 '14 at 22:32

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