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I am working on an Appengine Connected Android Project. I need to add some logging on the server side inside each endpoint method and such. Is there a simple way to do this?

I have one class that comprises all my endpoint methods. So if I were to use java.util.logging.Logger should I create one static variable?

private final static Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(MyEndpoint.class.getName());

public MyEndpoint() {

If I do does that affect my server in terms of bottleneck? Basically, will someone please provide me a simple example that will work without affecting the concurrency of my server.

My server uses GEP and DataNuclear and some native GQL.

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The LOG valiable declaration looks good to me. You just simply call LOG.info("<Your message>") and messages will show up in the Logs section of the admin console. Using a logger is a good practice and I wouldn't worry to much of being the "bottleneck" or affecting concurrency.



Logging Google App Engine application?

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